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Louisiana Music Artist Directory: Idletime to George "Keys" Izquierdo
idletime defunct New Orleans jazz / rock / funk group founded by Tom Leggett and Aaron Wilkinson

  • idletime CD's and audio clips (LA Music Factory)

The Iguanas great NOLA band blends roots, rock, Tex-Mex, Latin and swamp-pop

Imagination Movers real-life dads combine pop, hip-hop, rock and world music with educational themes for kids (and grownups); the Movers got their own TV series on the Disney Channel in 2008

Impulss (Daniel Perez) New Orleans hip hop artist has worked with Scarface & Def Jam South among many others

Indian Rhythm Section (IRS) Mardi Gras Indian drum ensemble provides the backbeat for many NOLA Indian tribes

Burke Ingraffia New Orleans born singer and songwriter

Invisible Cowboy popular roots/rock band based in Hammond, LA

Iris May Tango eclectic New Orleans ensemble mixes R&B, funk, jazz, rock and rap for their own unique sound

George "Keys" Izquierdo veteran New Orleans keyboard player with 30+ years of local and international experience welcomes submissions from the public. Please contact us if you have a resource or web site to add, a correction to an existing listing, or if you encounter a broken link. If you are adding a link, please provide the URL and a brief description of the resource or music artist. Send requests & comments to editor (at) Be sure to visit us at Myspace & Facebook.

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