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Times-Picayune, Cyber Scene, 04/24/97

Where Y'@ ?

Hey Now, How About Some Tunes?

"In New Orleans, the music bubbles up through the cobblestones and bricks and flagstones of the funky old streets like vapors from a cypress bog"

So write the authors of IkoIko in explaining their compelling need to create a web site devoted to New Orleans rhythms ("the music made us do it").

The webzine contains articles, illustrations, commentaries and live music reviews by local musicians, writers, illustrators and photographers. It's lively, upbeat, well-designed and catches that New Orleans beat.

The current issue offers audio clips from the ReBirth Brass Band's new CD, a look at local piano giants, clips and comments from St. Joseph's Day celebrations and lots more. Grab a Barq's, cher, and belly up to the bar at this welcome new virtual music club.


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