54th Platoon Recruits MISS USA for Second Video

New York, NY -- Feb. 6, 2003 -- 54th Platoon, FUBU Records premier artists, just wrapped up a two day video shoot for their second single, "She Like." For the video, the New Orleans foursome, J.S., Big Nut, T.L., and Nu Black, recruited the current MISS USA, Shauntay Hinton to play the leading lady.

"She Like" is produced by Jaison Brown (Swizz Beats) and is also the second single from their FUBU Records debut album, "All Or Nothin" which will hit stores in April. This single is an about face from 54th Platoon's head-nodding first single, "Holdin It Down."

"She Like" was directed by Jane Strange, known for her work with various artists including Busta Rhymes, Noreaga, Limp Bizkit, Jewel, Shaggy, and even Marilyn Manson who said he is "afraid of her."

FUBU Records is a division of FB Entertainment, which was established in 2000 and serves as the umbrella organization for Film, Music, and Television.

Countdown to the video debut......

54th Platoon and Miss USA

54th Platoon and Miss USA
(L-R) Big Nut, J.S., Shauntay Hinton, Nu Black, and T.L.
Photo by: Ronnie Wright

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