New Dance Craze Sweeps The Country
The "Bunny Hop" Heats Up Radio Airwaves

Universal Records Signs Da Entourage As Their Popular Dance/Song Rapidly Spreads Throughout The South


The Lafayette, Louisiana based trio, Da Entourage, is taking over radio airwaves throughout the South with the new dance hit, the "Bunny Hop." The song is receiving so much radio airplay at one of New Orleans' major radio stations that local retail stores can barely stock their shelves fast enough to keep up with the demand for the single. Originally released on a local independent label, Da Entourage has sold over 40,000 records on the strength of only regional radio airplay. Impressed by the explosive consumer reaction at radio and retail, Universal Records recently signed Da Entourage and is preparing to re-release the album, Entourage 2, nationally on May 6th.

The "Bunny Hop," with its contagious, energetic, and catchy hook, has quickly become the latest dance sensation. Consisting of basic movements easy enough for anyone to follow along, the popular line-dance is being dubbed the Electric Slide of the 21st century. The young group, who are all in their early 20's, are anticipating the national release of "The Bunny Hop." "We want everyone doing it," explains group member Alley Cat. "We want to see people from California to New York all doing the "Bunny Hop."

Da Entourage, cousins Toemas and Alley Cat, and their childhood friend, Bunny B, have been making a name for themselves for over two years. Their 2001 debut album, Entourage 1, which was released independently on Red Boy Records, created a buzz locally and laid the groundwork for the success of their newest album, Entourage 2. The "Bunny Hop" continues to build and grow throughout the South and is rapidly shaping up to become a national hit. - 2003 - email: