Jesus is the Man is Dejeanís first offering as a solo artist and one which undoubtedly will ensure his success.

The warm tones of Dejeanís voice in Gospel style. Electric drum sequences be bop lazily over funky hip hop while swirling disco beats contrast with laid back avante garde jazz The backbeat is pure New Orleans with a "bomb on the four..a 1..2..3..4.. " in traditional New Orleans Second Line style. The message is positivity and happiness. Dejean says, "My music is funky with a serious groove. It is sure to make you move".

Dejeanís inspiration often comes while travelling. Jesus is the Man came to him literally while he was in the heavens, in an aeroplane on his way back from a European concert. Itís also a late night driving home thing. Experiences and conversations with friends in New Orleans have often helped him find his hook.

His musical influences include drummer/vocalist groove Buddy Rich and vocalist/pianist Nat 'King' Cole. But Dejean attributes his particular musical sensitivity to his respect for Ray Charles. This blind vocalist, arranger, piano and sax player had an aural acuteness which was reflected in his tones, harmonies and structures. Dejean admired and wanted to emulate this in his work.

The CD will be will available in the shops soon. Sound clips will be available here in the very near future !

Eddie Dejean
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