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About (a.k.a. Louisiana Music Archive & Artist Directory, formerly known as New Orleans Virtual Library) is a personally run web site established in 1995 as a clearinghouse for news, links and general info related to New Orleans and Louisiana music. has grown dramatically over the past 17+ years, and I continue to add new information and resources as time allows. Recent additions to the site include an Events & Festivals Guide, and Louisiana Music at the Grammys, which features all Louisiana Grammy nominees and winners from day one (1958) through today.

Also check out our Guide to Online Concerts and Interviews, which links to dozens of online performances by Louisiana music artists. I am also gradually updating the On This Day in Louisiana Music History section, which features a day by day list of birthdays, passings, awards, chart notes, trivia, and more.

If you are looking for live music events in the Big Easy, the New Orleans Concert Line has a selected list of happenings at local clubs, plus upcoming festivals and music related special events. The New Orleans Music Club Guide provides direct links to music venues, along with maps, addresses and contact info.

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  • Facebook Page - click the Like button - This was created after the profile page reached its maximum of 5,000 friends. I post here occasionally, but the volume is much lower than on the profile page. Browse the list of 'Likes" on this page to locate Louisiana bands, music venues, and festivals on Facebook

  • New Orleans Concert Line Facebook Page - Live music news, upcoming concert and festival announcements, and more.

  • YouTube Channel - a few videos that I've captured, along with some personal favorites.

Comments and questions can be e-mailed to gregh @ (remove blanks). Press kits, press releases, news, tour dates, music club schedules, festival & special event details, etc. can be e-mailed to me at the same address.

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